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Akul Mehra (Director, Sherry Clothing)

I trained with Anubhav for 4 months and lost 6 kgs of fat and gained strength like never before. He’s a super trainer who knows his stuff about training and nutrition. If you are regular and follow him properly you are sure to get desired results!

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Adita Bhaskar (Founder - House of Ishatvam)

Whilst I didn’t get the chance to train long with Anubhav, it was a learning experience. He teaches, pushes and encourages in equal measure allowing you to achieve a level of fitness you might not have thought possible. Helped me with my back issues with stretching and Rehab techniques like facial releases.

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Trudy Twigg

I am writing to recommend Anubhav Verma as an experienced and highly professional Personal Trainer. I trained with Anubhav and was very happy with his advice and attention to my program having discussed my goals and his assessment of my abilities. He accommodated my early starts and was always on time. He would monitor and vary every workout which helped to keep training interesting and fun. Anubhav kept written records of every session, what was accomplished and noted what would improve and challenge my progress. With his encouragement and his sense of humour I felt supported and positive about my goals and regular attendance. In closing it is my pleasure to highly recommend Anubhav Verma and feel confident he will help you reach your personal goals and be your trainer of choice.

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Abhishek Singh (Strategic Business Change Consultant - HSBC)

I'm 28 year Old male with a thyroid condition. Due to thyroid I was overweight (92kg) and always felt lack of energy to perform any physical activity. 8 months back I reached out to Anubhav and under his guidance I was able to Bring my fat percentage from 26% to 18%. Anubhav not only helped me loose weight and build muscle but also through proper diet plan he made me feel more sharp and energetic.

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Anita Shah (Pune based Remote Client)

So 3 month back I started my Fitness journey with Anubhav( 3 month transformation course) which included diet and workout schedule,,, I almost-lost hope that I could ever get back to good shape Bt thank you so much Anubhav: just in 15 days I started my losing inches results were tremendous from being 90 kg to 71 just in 13weeks I not only got healthier Bt also increased my stamina he made sure that I lose my fat and simultaneously increase my stamina as well now after 3month I m 65 kg can’t thank Anubhav enough for that I highly recommend **Anubhav** of the best trainer / coach in town

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Ibrahim Kayum (Owner - Turkey Central, Mumbai)

I feel that I’ve come a long way since I met Anubhav, and I’m confident that I can take the things I’ve learned and give it a go on my own. My weight was stuck at 89 and I tried all means of my knowledge to bring it down but failed and then I met him, I want to say thank you sincerely, for the help that he provided within 3 months my weight came down to 80kg. I feel like a different person from when I first met him. My outlook on food and myself has completely changed, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten to this place without his care and guidance. Thank you for helping me right a lifetime of wrongs and for helping me see my own value. I truly appreciate all that Anubhav has done for me. Humara anubhav inke saath kafe acha raha.

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